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The Northern College of Acupuncture

These e-learning sessions are dedicated to the memory of the early pioneers of acupuncture education in the UK, including Denis Lawson-Wood, Sidney Rose-Neil, Keith Lamont, Mary Austin, Royston Low, Jack Worsley and Dick van Buren

BSc/MSc Acupuncture

Introduction to the Zang Fu: Section 1

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Northern College of Acupuncture
BSc/MSc in Acupuncture

Introduction to Syndromes

Patterns of disharmony


Session 1: Aims and Objectives

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Diagnosis by fundamental substances

  • Blood deficiency
  • Blood stagnation (stasis)
  • Heat in the Blood

  • Qi Deficiency
  • Stagnation of Qi
  • Rebellious Qi
  • Sinking of Qi
Body Fluids
  • Damp and Phlegm



Yin and Yang and Jing

  • Yin deficiency (Empty Heat)
  • Yang deficiency
  • Yang collapse
  • Yang rising
  • Jing deficiency



Internal Organs

  • Heart
  • Lung
  • Liver
  • Spleen and Stomach
  • Kidney and Bladder
  • Small Intestine and Large Intestine



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