To resolve an issues with browser session cookie conflicts that were preventing people from logging into the archived sites if they first visited the live site. It has been necessary to make the main site use the www. prefix as used to be the norm. Now if you go to it will automatically redirect to so you shouldn’t need to do anything special. However, if you have saved your login details for the site, you will need to enter them again because your browser will see this as a different site in most cases.

Login problems can have a number of different causes. These are usually either forgotten or incorrect username and/or password or you simply don’t have a user account.

When you login to the e-learning site, three different session cookies are set, these session cookies allow the system to remember who you are as you move around the site. If you are connected for a long time, or perhaps don't logout properly, these sessions can get out sync and one of the sessions may have expired. If this happens, you may get the screen shown below or you could get an "invalid token" message.